Thursday, February 17, 2011

Taking Stock

Several of you commented on my Jan. 5 post about New Year's resolutions, so I thought I'd summarize how it's been going so far:

  1. Marketing
    I have submitted one article, committed to two more, and proposed two to three other articles for various newsletters and blogs. Posting to this blog is also on track, although I need to develop a list of topics to cover. I attended, or have signed up for, networking meetings through March. While I've been trying to keep to my schedule for posts to this blog, I need to develop a list of topics I can use when inspiration doesn't strike. My Achilles heel here are the "cold call" e-mails. I've only done 4 and have some trouble identifying enough contacts to whom to send such e-mails.

  2. Client Tracking
    The schedule I had set for myself is proving to be rather disruptive to my work flow. While I've tried to keep up with it so far, I'll switch to a fixed day of the week when I do that week's data entry and follow-up mailings.

  3. Knowledge
    I attended the Introduction to Trados webinar and am working through the handout to prepare for the certification exam, which I am planning on taking in March. In addition, I've attended a couple of informative lectures, but no hands-on training. I've also run out of Spanish books to read and need to get to the library for more such reading material.

  4. Marketability
    Besides working on learning Trados, I haven't done anything in this department yet. I am planning on taking the the certification exam at the American Translators Association's Oct. conference in Boston, but I need to start preparing for that exam.

  5. Productivity
    I started training Dragon Naturally Speaking, but need to spend more time on that before I can really use the program. I've tried to teach myself ACT! as I go along, but I'm having trouble getting customized automation for reminders & such to work. Will need to look for a book on that software ...

Thanks for all your comments and encouragement. I won't bore you with frequent updates on the status of things, but I am planning to post a 6-month evaluation of my plans and their implementation by this July.

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