Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ergonomics and My Home Office

With more projects come more hours at the computer, which translates into aching shoulders and back pain. I do have a pull-out keyboard and mouse tray, height-adjustable monitors, an adjustable high-backed office chair and a separate pair of glasses for computer use. That doesn't seem to be enough, though, so at my husband's suggestion I started looking for an ergonomics consultant. It seems that most such consultants work with large companies to assess various workstations and hold workshops on working ergonomically.

Since I don't need -- and probably can't afford -- that level of consultation I started tinkering with the existing set-up, adjusting the keyboard height and playing with the (limited) settings on my chair. Next on my to-do list when I get a little free time is checking out books on ergonomics in the home office.

Given the layout of the room, the options for moving furniture around are very limited. In the long term the answer is probably to wean myself from paper copies and hand-written to-do lists, calendars, etc. Tracking everything only electronically would reduce the need for desktop space. That, in turn, would mean smaller/less furniture. And that would mean more flexibility in arranging it in the space available.

How ergonomic is your workspace and how did it get that way?

A happy Easter/Passover to those of you who celebrate these holidays!


  1. I recently translated a large project about office ergonomics and found myself being more aware of my posture and habits. I make sure that I feel comfortable when I sit at the computer. I have a good office chair, adjust the height of my table and chair to fit my own height and preferences and I have a pad for my mouse and keyboard so that I do not have to bend the wrists when typing and clicking. Last year I also bought my first desktop with a BIG screen and I find it much more comfortable for my eyes to work with the big screen. I am by nature a restless person and get up and do other stuff often during my work day. Happy Easter to you too Barbara and may all work related stress injuries stay away.

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